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Never miss a beat.

Checklist Ops with RIGOR helps drilling operations maintain a rhythmic, safe and productive hum by instilling a culture that champions checklists. Procedural discipline motivated by verifiable compliance means your crews get the job done right the first time, every time.

Well Under Control

Keep your crews safe and your rigs operational while reducing “time to train” with the Check-6 Well Control Competency Assurance Training System. On shore or off, keep your crews’ training up-to-date through interactive courseware, knowledge and skills assessment, and simulation training.

Logistic Solutions

Mobilization time doesn’t have to be down time. Check-6™ Logistics Solutions™ take lessons learned from careers in the military and commercial aviation to streamline your rig moves. We’ll make your crews faster… safer… and more profitable.

What is IncidentMD™?

IncidentMD is a disciplined process of investigation and causal analysis that utilizes proven methodologies from military & commercial aviation and nuclear power industries. IncidentMD identifies root causes of incidents and mishaps and delivers comprehensive recommendations for corrective action for future prevention.


Visual Solutions that bring your products “To Life”.
3D animations provide realistic details that uniquely showcase your product, giving you a competitive edge.
Using the latest in 3D technology, complex processes are simplified along with a clear and concise understanding of product concept and capability.

Total Maritime Solutions

Check-6 Total Maritime Solutions assists you with new build construction, repairs, demobilization, platform de-commissioning, and risk analysis.

Performance Excellence

Our military leaders are using their decades of expertise to assist managers in a variety of high-risk industries, including oil & gas, mining, and vessels. Their training can help your company reduce accident rates and improve performance and morale.

Mining Solutions

Simple disciplines and realistic solutions through lessons learned.

  • Site Training
  • Strategic Communication
  • High Reliability Leadership
  • Facilitated Events

A Unique Cadre of Experts

Check-6 has a unique cadre of international experts who use their remarkable military training to assist you in meeting your needs to improve safety, timing, performance, and profitability.


Check-6 leaders know what it's like to plan and execute a dangerous mission.  We bring that expertise to high-risk industries so you can work toward zero-incident reporting, as well as the more important role of saving lives, and financial resources.
Accelerating Human Performance


 Check-6 Mission

Check-6 is an international solutions company which moves client enterprises from experience-based cultures to high reliability organizations via training and an integrated suite of products, services, and procedures.  Our objective is improved safety and operational efficiency through a standardized approach to job planning, briefing, and debriefing, all supported by sound leadership practices.

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