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Rig Move Excellence

Dangerous Territory
Moving an oil or natural gas rig is one of the most costly and dangerous occupations in the country. It is done in all kinds of weather, terrain, and under various government regulations, manned by people with a wide array of experience. Doing it right every time, counts. But how can you make that happen?
Proven Solutions
Check-6 offers a proven way to increase your company’s operational efficiencies and safety during the rig move process through our Rig Move Excellence program. We can help you reduce your overall spud to spud time by reducing non-productive time during rig mobilization. Our experienced consultants have helped clients achieve 20-40% reductions in fleet-wide mobilization time, resulting in returns on investment ranging from 100%-400% with an average return on investment of 230%.
Our consultants typically have a military background and are well-versed in solving the many leadership and logistical challenges associated with rig mobilization. They understand leadership, safety, and logistics and are experts in human error prevention. Maximum benefit for our clients has been achieved when our consultants become embedded in your operations working on hitches. This approach drives down your cost per move, allows our professionals to build strong working relationships, become part of your team, and allows our company to become a trusted advisor not only for the mobilization process, but as advisors on safety and leadership challenges as well. Not only will our consultants provide a written plan for your move, they also provide another set of safety eyes and will teach planning, briefing, and debriefing skills enhancing operational safety while building a stronger culture of communication and teamwork.
If you want to become more efficient by driving cost out of every well cycle while also enhancing safety, contact Check-6 for more information regarding how we may be able to make improved rig mobilization part of your operational plan for success.