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Rig Move Excellence

Dangerous Territory
Moving an oil or natural gas rig is one of the most costly and dangerous operations in our industry. Weather, terrain, government regulations, scare resources, and human performance all have an effect. Doing it efficiently every time, counts.
Proven Results
The Rig Move Excellence™ program reduces your overall cycle time by eliminating non-productive time during rig mobilization. After 2500+ rig moves around the world, our consultants have gained the experience necessary to help our clients achieve an average of 40% reductions in fleet-wide mobilization averages.
Human performance is a key component of the mobilization process. We provide leadership, communication, and logistical planning expertise. Maximum benefit for our clients has been achieved when our consultants become embedded in your operations.
Utilizing our proprietary Event Management System (EMS), we are able to drive continuous improvement by collecting data on over 125 KPI’s and employing Lean 6 Sigma techniques. Our database holds over 3 years’ worth of rig moves – information on what works and what doesn’t.
We are currently involved in multiple basins and regions around the world including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Colombia, and Poland.