Check-6 is the industry leader in creating sustained improvement in profitability, efficiency and safety for the Energy, Manufacturing, Mining, Petrochemical and Transportation industries by focusing on the front-lines of your organization. Check-6 shapes High Reliability Organizations and cultures of continuous improvement - ultimately saving Time, Money and Lives!

Oil and Gas (Upstream & Downstream)

Complex and costly operations, both offshore and onshore require time tested process, training, leadership and tools to help teams achieve and sustain high levels of performance in high-consequence environments. Volatility will continue to be part of drilling operations whether onshore or offshore. Combining our unequaled military experience in leadership and operations with our earned experience in both onshore and offshore operations, you can find the edge your organization needs to turn sustainable into profitable. Download our case study on 3,000 rig moves to learn more then contact us for a free consultation.


To pull ahead of your competition, your manufacturing facilities need to operationally efficient. This means improvement in the areas of inventory, delivery, cost reduction, quality and safety. Most manufacturing organizations employ some level of continuous improvement methodology to improve operational efficiency, reduce non-productive time and minimize human error. The experience and expertise our coaches bring is unparalleled in any high-consequence industry. We embed our coaches with front-line leadership and operators to ensure process and training are effective and sustainable throughout your organization. For more on manufacturing operational success, visit our manufacturing section.


The nature of the mining industry combined with a lack of dedicated operational change continues to be hindering sustainable improvements, cost savings, productivity and compliance. Leaders in mining operations have a tremendous need for cost reduction while exceeding safety and production standards. This is no small task with depressed commodity prices and shifting demand placing pressure on profits and capital investments. Check-6 continues to help our mining clients to deliver yet another level of cost-saving and process improvement through our leadership development, coaching, procedures and checklist development and proprietary technology to ensure and document compliance by every worker, every time. Visit our mining section to download case studies and white papers.


Transportation operational leaders are searching for efficiency equivalent to military logistics. The transportation industry can parallel the success of the aviation industry in terms of safety and efficiency by employing a culture of Performance Excellence®.  By operating at levels above Six Sigma, Check-6 makes it possible help industries like transportation operate at levels only seen in the military and commercial aviation. When you remove the buzz words, the corporate speak and distill it down to the fundamentals, Check-6 coaches and implements essential elements that make operations run efficiently. Download our rail case study and when you are done, visit our transportation page.


The maturity of the process industries has placed pressure on our petrochemical plant and refinery clients to lead their teams to operational excellence regardless of aging infrastructure, low capital investment, increased regulations, lack of skilled workers and increase in pressure for more reliable turnarounds. Given these dynamics, our Check-6 coaches have introduced process improvements, cultural change, management and leadership training and proprietary software to ensure consistent, documented compliance with policies and procedures throughout the workforce – with results showing up directly on the bottom line.

Power & Utilities

Significant shifts and growth in the power generation sector requires utilities, and those who supply them, to plan ahead and seek continuous opportunities to stay competitive, including meeting regulatory requirements, key leadership, knowledge transfer and best practices and a culture of sustained excellence. Power generators and distributors, like other high-consequence operators, benefit from effective change that is defined by their balanced efforts to simultaneously improve the Big 3, their leadership, their processes and the team behaviors/culture in order to improve overall safety and efficiency. Contact Check-6 to learn more about change in your organization.