Manufacturing Consulting Services

Through Check-6’s manufacturing consulting services, we help lagging areas of your business contribute more to your strategic goals by partnering with your people to get them highly engaged, working together and sharing best practices, and doing the right things the right way the first time, every time.

Change is hard.  Making change “stick” is even harder.

To be competitive in Manufacturing, companies need to be continuously improving in the areas of Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, and Inventory. Virtually all manufacturing companies employ some form of continuous improvement methodology to improve operational efficiency, reduce non-productive time, and minimize human error. While these methodologies are quite successful at identifying root causes and developing solid improvements to process, most companies still find it difficult to get the changes to stick.

Check-6’s manufacturing consulting services employ unique and proven best practices from carrier and commercial aviation, and Special Forces operations to enhance leadership, improve operational discipline, and ultimately change team behaviors and culture. The result is continuous improvement initiatives that not only last but continue to improve over time.

The experience and expertise that our coaches bring with them is unparalleled in the consulting industry. Their skills and knowledge were gained from years of operating in the most demanding environments in the world. By embedding our coaches with the front-line leadership and operators, our clients benefit greatly from our real-world experience and proven methodologies. We’ve been privileged to help them to:

  • Define deliberate leadership actions that clearly establish expectations and drive accountability.
  • Capture and distribute best practices to better align processes with company standard work and the operational realities faced by workers actually performing the task.
  • Verify compliance with standard work and standard operating procedures.
  • Collect operational data in near real time for later analysis and continuous improvement initiatives.

Download a case study or white paper and learn how other manufacturing clients produced lasting operational improvements when they included Check-6 on their teams, and when you’re ready to investigate how we can have an impact on your business, contact us.