Check-6 professionals are the catalysts to sustainable improvements in cost savings, productivity and procedural compliance through our programs that evolve operational processes, mitigate human error, enhance team performance and mature visible leadership actions.

The cyclical nature of the mining industry continues to place stressors on our mining clients as they are confronted by:

  • Depressed commodity prices and shifting demand placing downward pressure on profits and capital investment;
  • The need to ensure knowledge / expertise transfer and minimize variations in performance as organizations adapt to workforce reductions and transitions;
  • The need for increased rigor to reduce costs even further while exceeding safety and production standards;
  • The need for investment in innovation in automation innovative solutions and technology to improve productivity and safety in light of harsh public scrutiny and increasing regulation;
  • Further personnel reductions and the need to create inclusive, problem-solving cultures within the ranks of the remaining workforce to produce and sustain needed efficiencies.

Check-6 professionals help our mining clients to deliver yet another level of cost-saving and process improvement through our leadership development, coaching, procedures and checklist development and proprietary technology to ensure and document compliance by every worker, every time.

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