Power & Utilities

Power generators and distributors benefit from Check-6’s proven Change Leadership programs that help them meet their responsibilities to their 4 key stakeholders: employees, customers, the community and owners. We help turn managers into leaders, and energize stagnant cultures to ensure team members perform safely and predictably day in and day out.

Significant shifts and growth in the power generation sector requires utilities, and those who supply them, to plan ahead and seek continuous opportunities to stay competitive, including:

  • The need to transfer knowledge and best practices across the organization with the imminent departure of long-tenured, experienced personnel – our clients know they must capture this corporate know-how into a measurable, repeatable and deliberate process that even the newest employees will succeed with right away.
  • The need for key leadership positions to move their actions away from pure management of things to the inspiration of team members to set conditions for the changes required to guarantee a competitive edge.
  • Ensuring it focuses on a culture where actions are taken to build and maintain trust, set high standards and hold each other accountable to a high level of professional execution.
  • Meeting regulatory requirements aimed at keeping workers safe in high-voltage, high-risk work environments while understanding and verifiably insulating against known Human Performance errors.

Power generators and distributors, like other high-consequence operators, benefit from effective change that is defined by their balanced efforts to simultaneously improve the Big 3, their leadership, their processes and the team behaviors/culture in order to improve overall safety and efficiency.

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