If logistics is the detailed application and organization of complex processes in order to manage the flow of goods and commodities between the point of origin and the point of consumption; it can be argued that transportation is the most critical component of that process.

“Amateurs talk about tactics, but professionals study logistics.”
– Gen. Robert H. Barrow, USMC (Commandant of the Marine Corps)

From moving aircraft carriers at sea, or jet-fighters around the world- Check-6 is deeply rooted in our military necessity to master warfare through the movement of troops, equipment and supplies to accomplish our country’s missions. With this foundation, understanding and experience, we believe that we can make even the best teams perform better by fostering a culture of continuous improvement in the transportation industry. That is pretty bold talk. How does Check-6 do it? The same way we take the equivalent of a small US city to sea for 6 months, sail it around the world and operationally sustain it for whatever may come its way.

Searching for the equivalent correlation from military operations to industry? One only needs to look at commercial aviation. Commercial aviation has enjoyed unparalleled success in both safety and efficiency. With over 87,000 flights worldwide every 24hrs, in a demanding and unforgiving environment; commercial aviation operates at greater than Six Sigma. The very principles that make it possible to operate at this remarkable level are the tenets those of us at Check-6 utilize in our business. When you remove the buzz words, the corporate-speak and distill it down to the fundamentals; we coach and implement the same 3 elements:

  • Leadership
  • Operational Process
  • Team Behavior/ Culture Change

We have modified and adapted those best practices for transportation to provide lasting, measurable results. Working closely with your leadership team, we design a tailored Performance Excellence® Campaign that targets the three critical elements that drive operational success

Check out the lasting results we’ve produced in companies like yours when you download a case study, and contact us  to see how we can have on impact on your results.