Upstream Oil & Gas

Check-6 Coaches know what it takes to operate at peak performance in high-consequence environments, day in and day out. Our Coaches bring decades of practical experience in leadership and operational process that builds cultures of excellence. Our proven solutions bring lasting change to our client’s operations.


Complex and costly, offshore oil and gas operations require the best process, tools, training and leadership to help teams attain and sustain high levels of performance in an environment of:

  • Depressed commodity prices, demanding cost efficient offshore operations in order to offset costly capital investment.
  • Economic volatility and fluctuating global demand for hydrocarbons, impacting the ability to assemble and retain a stable, trained, high-performing workforce.
  • Evolving import and export policies and worldwide markets affecting competitive positions.
  • Highly visible and impactful environmental incidents that exacerbate public sentiment against the industry.
  • Increasing federal regulation and oversight, placing new demands for verifiable worker compliance and consistent, correct performance of duties.

Operational efficiency and safety are not mutually exclusive.  Unlike traditional oil and gas consultants, Check-6 produces quantifiable results in efficiency and safety.  From reducing phase/cycle time and Non-Productive Time to fostering safer, more reliable operational cultures, Check-6 makes a lasting impact on the performance of offshore teams.

Download a case study or whitepaper and see for yourself the contribution Check-6 coaches and leading-edge software solutions have made on the offshore industry, or contact us.

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Land operations have proven to be the most volatile segment of the upstream market.  The search for an edge today is vital and only those companies who succeed in building a sustainable business model survive.

Business relationships in this environment are certainly based on Value, but also Trust and Reliability as companies seek to align themselves with strong partners.  Those relationships that you can count on to make your operations more efficient and safer are the ones that are worth building.

Check-6 has been a perpetual leader in the onshore environment, both in the US and around the world.  Through our proprietary systems and extensive expertise, we raise the level of performance of our partners.  Take advantage of our database of 3000 rig moves to see how you stack up to worldwide benchmarks and techniques.  Let our consultants cut ½ of the time per stage off your fracking operations.  We’ll be there during the difficult time of build-up and bringing rigs back online.

Volatility will continue to be a part of Drilling and Completions on land everywhere.  Pairing our unequaled military experience in leadership and operations with our earned experience in D&C, you can find the edge you need to turn sustainable into profitable.

Want to see how Check-6 can make a difference in your company’s results?  See what we’ve done for companies like yours by downloading a case study or white paper and contact us for a conversation about what’s possible for your organization.

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