RIGOR® Digital Checklist

A symbiotic combination of targeted Performance Excellence™ coaching and our proprietary RIGOR™ software to create sustainable results in the areas most critical to our client’s operations. The unique combination enables:

  • Increased reliability
  • Verifiable compliance
  • Operational feedback
  • Best practice capture

Checklist Culture Creation

Errors cost time, money, and sometimes significantly more.  As long as people are involved in a process, the threat of human error exists.  While experience can help us recognize and recover from errors more quickly, the preponderance of incident investigations and research demonstrate the susceptibility to making a mistake exists across all professions regardless of education, intelligence, or experience.

Frequently, organizations are trying to answer questions about human error such as:

  • “Why do we see so much variability in our results?”
  • “How can I ensure our process improvements and investments in initiatives such as Lean or Six Sigma last?”
  • “How can I close the gap between our experienced workers and new workers?
  • “How can my whole organization learn from a single error?”

One of the primary tools that High Reliability Organizations (HRO) use to solve these challenges and others like them is a checklist culture.  Checklists have been key to the aviation industry’s ability to consistently surpass 6-sigma by almost three orders of magnitude.

Rather than simply a list of items to follow, aviation style checklists are a system to reduce susceptibility to human factors (stress, fatigue, boredom, etc.), trap and mitigate human errors and increase reliability.  The goal is not top-down control over operations, but instead the freeing up of the user’s cognitive abilities for consideration of everything that is occurring during execution, not just the explicit steps.

The Performance Excellence™ methodology is integral to a checklist system, whether digital or simple hard-copy, as the critical lines of leadership, process, and team behaviors must be considered for long-term success.  Process alone is not sufficient to sustain results.

The design process considers conditions of use, constraints of task execution, potential errors, and harvests practitioner expertise to drive standardization.  Our coaches work with your teams to develop:

  1. Checklists which consider the realities of execution
  2. Simple rules for their use
  3. Deliberate leadership actions to engage and sustain results

Well-designed checklists work together to improve the reliability of an entire operation, not just a single task. Most importantly, checklists produce predictable, reliable results.


RIGOR® Digital Checklist System

Failure to comply with intended procedures is a common concern for many industries. Companies commit significant resources to develop detailed procedures; yet, often they are not actively used by the workforce as part of their daily routines or fade over time.

Reasons for failure to comply with procedures are myriad:

  • Voluminous paper procedures are not easily transported to the work-site and are difficult to reference
  • Latest version of the procedure is not distributed or in use
  • Critical lessons learned are not incorporated
  • Companies rely on experience alone instead of using crosschecks to mitigate human factors
  • Procedures are authored by office personnel who lack operational perspective

RIGOR® facilitates real-time operational task performance and data capture with an explicit operational focus.

Unlike auditing software that tracks lagging indicators, RIGOR® enables our clients to proactively assess the sources and magnitude of waste before they negatively impact quality, cost, safety or the customer experience.

Our proprietary software also facilitates compliance by providing a procedural crosscheck to ensure reliable outcomes. Because RIGOR® captures both who performed what steps when and the relevant data at a granular level, the system ensures compliance and accountability that is easily verifiable.

With timely feedback you’ll find you will be able to:

  • Monitor critical aspects of workforce performance and compliance using the leading indicators
  • Identify and eliminate your main sources of inefficiency, variance and waste which typically go unqualified or quantified (such as rework, work stoppages, non-productive time, flat time, etc.)
  • Develop baseline trends
  • Identify areas for leadership, team, and process improvement,
  • Assess quality
  • Manage, measure and maintain the impact of process improvements

With RIGOR® and checklist culture, you’ll routinely capture workforce improvement suggestions as well as monitor results to identify, formalize, and rapidly distribute best practices that would benefit the entire company. As a result, you’ll standardize the most effective processes and enhance individual performance throughout the organization within a sustained culture of continuous improvement.

Investment in initiatives such as Lean or Six Sigma processes tend to lose their impact over time due to the inability to monitor and enforce compliance with refined and improved processes. RIGOR® preserves a company’s investment in such programs while building employee confidence in management’s initiatives as managers and crews begin to experience shared successes.

RIGOR® provides virtual supervision to support your teams and leaders in ensuring an enduring culture of procedural compliance and dedication to continuous learning and improvement.  To learn more, please contact us.

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