Performance Excellence™

Organizations often focus solely on process to effect change in their operations and overlook the critical human element. Performance Excellence is our proprietary methodology for driving real organizational change by working with your team to simultaneously address:

  • Leadership
  • Operational Process
  • Team behavior

Change Management & Sustainability

70% of Change Programs Fail.  While most change efforts initially show promise, once the change management consultant departs, new initiatives and results fade because people are people. Leadership moves on to the next improvement, workers go back to doing things the way they always have.

At Check-6, we believe that we can make even the best teams perform better by fostering a culture of continuous improvement.  Check-6 trained teams demonstrate lasting, measurable results, including:

  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Increased Operational Efficiency / Reliability
  • Reduced Cycle Time
  • Reduced Non-Productive Time
  • Reduced Waste / Variance
  • Increased Quality
  • Reduced Human Error
Working closely with your leadership team, we design a tailored Performance Excellence™ Campaign that targets the three critical areas that drive operational success:

  • Leadership
  • Operational Process
  • Team behavior/Culture

Our coaches work on-site with your teams, providing objectives-based hands-on assessment, training, and mentoring to directly improve performance and compliance and reduce human error.

Our Objectives-based methodology ensures all Check-6 coaching activities are linked to the specific desired outcomes that drive measurable results.

Leadership – Check-6 Coaches employ a proven “High Reliability Leadership” approach that focuses on specific executive and mid-level leadership actions, communication and team-alignment strategies, and the front-line leadership development required to drive lasting organizational change.

Operational Process – Check-6 Coaches will work with your team to incorporate best practices into your operational processes and support tools that make compliance easy and drive procedural discipline, standard work, verifiable compliance and Continuous Improvement.

Team Behavior/ Culture – Check-6 is the leading expert in Human Factors and Crew Resource Management (CRM), the critical “non-technical” communication and decision making skills designed to avoid, trap and mitigate human error.  We work in conjunction with your team to instill high-performing habits that drive and sustain improved operational performance, compliance, and safety.

Performance Coaching  to Improve Team and Operational Performance

We are industry-leading experts in providing proven training and coaching techniques, and cutting edge tools that increase operational efficiency and compliance while reducing human error.  Our Coaches bring decades of experience in successfully leading and operating in complex, high-consequence environments including Commercial Aviation, nuclear aircraft carrier flight operations, conventional and Special Forces military operations, manufacturing, and the Oil & Gas industry.

Imagine your crews….

…are ready, willing and able to stop a job no matter who is in charge
…actively engage and participate in job assessment meetings
…thoroughly understand their role in the plan, prior to executing the job
…continuously monitor and immediately report plan deviations
…seek responsibility and take accountability for their actions

Coaching provides individuals and teams and their leaders with the tools they need to take ownership in of the continuous improvement process – crucial to the goal of sustainable results.

And through our holistic approach, Check-6 coaches have the unique ability to reinforce their coaching and procedural recommendations with hard data captured via our operational excellence program’s technology component, RIGOR®. They can link your process improvements directly to safety, cost, quality and performance improvements that translate into a direct financial impact or qualitative competitive advantage over your competition.

Performance Excellence Video: