Rig Move Excellence™

Most Rig Moves on Earth:

  • Dangerous Territory
  • Proven Solutions
  • Reduce Spud to Spud Time

Rig Mobilization – Rig Moves Onshore and Offshore

Dangerous Territory

Moving an oil or natural gas rig is one of the most costly and dangerous occupations in the country. It is done in all kinds of weather, terrain, and under various government regulations, manned by people with a wide array of experience. Doing it right every time, counts. But how can you make that happen?

Proven Solutions

Check-6 has unparalleled experience around the world conducting rig mobilizations.  Our Rig Move Excellence™ process overlays your current operations to improve cycle times and cut move “down time”.  Over 4+ years we have provided an average reduction of 25%, saving millions for our clients. Reduce your overall spud to spud time by reducing non-productive time during rig mobilization. Our experienced consultants have helped clients achieve 20-60% reductions in fleet-wide mobilization time, resulting in returns on investment ranging from 100%-400% with an average return on investment of 230%.

With more than 120 KPIs for each of >3000 rig moves logged into our Event Management System we have the data to back up our experience.  While rig moves are all unique in the set of challenges faced, we have seen it all before and can bring that knowledge to your team.

We have built Rig Move Programs at the organizational level and we have established consistent rig move performance for 1-rig operations that count on repeatable outstanding performance.  Our approach generates savings on everyday logistics needs such as trucking and raw materials deliveries.

Check-6 has the ability to move your rig “anywhere to anywhere” in the world.  Through our partners, we have a comprehensive network of logistics providers with the ability to handle any rig move in any environment; jungle, desert, urban or rural. With a turnkey solution from rig down in one country to rig up and spud in another, you will have a single point of contact who keeps you updated daily on progress.

Our Rig Move Excellence™ method of project management are uniquely suited to solving these challenges.  With price guarantees and a fast quoting process, you will get the information you need to plan and the confidence that the job will get done right.  Contact us to start your program and find that additional competitive edge!

Download our case study, 3,000 RIG MOVES DON’T LIE to learn how Check-6 drives systemic and verifiable improvements to the bottom line.