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A Higher Level of Readiness

Check-6 has developed a state-of-the-art well control virtual simulator training system that assists you in maintaining Well Control proficiency beyond acceptable levels. It is designed to specifically maintain a high-degree of proficiency in well control operations. By providing a system that allows practice to develop proficiency, the Well Control Virtual Instructor undoubtedly maximizes well control knowledge and skill, thus ensuring proper recognition and response to operational contingencies.

Check-6 recognizes that in the 2-year time span between WellCAP courses, Well Control knowledge and skill levels deteriorate if not regularly applied in a practical setting. Well Control by its very nature demands a higher frequency of training to maintain proficiency. Therefore, Well Control Virtual Simulator students can train while on hitch in between WellCAP/IWCF courses to prevent the inevitable decline in proficiency illustrated in the graph.

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Well control

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