Alex “Chekhov” Revut

Performance Consultant

Alex “Chekhov” Revut was born in Southern part of Russia, Krasnodar region and grew up in the Novorossiysk city, the biggest Russian port on the Black Sea coast. Chekhov attended Linguistic Gymnasium and in 1999, he joined the Novorossiysk State Maritime Academy, where the main field of studying was Navy and Merchant Navy. Alex graduated at the rank of Lieutenant and was qualified as an Engineer-Navigator. Couple of years he was working for a Dutch marine company, sailing on the multi-purpose vessels and ended his marine career as a Navigating Officer. In 2005, he decided to build his career in the oilfield and started working as a Translator in the drilling department on the “Orlan” offshore rig, Sakhalin-1 Project, located in Okhotsk Sea, on the North of the Sakhalin Island. In a year, he became a Drilling Logistics Coordinator, on the same rig. Afterwards, Alex got new experience working on the Sakhalin Land Rig 262 “Yastreb”, in a position of a Rig Warehouseman and Rig Move Field Coordinator. Finally, in 2012, he joined the new drilling campaign on “Orlan”. At that time, as Drilling Logistics Manager and continued participating in drilling the deepest, world-record offshore wells. In August 2015 he joined the Check-6 Team.