Aundrey “Hunter” Smith

Performance Consultant

Aundrey Smith has served with Royal Malaysian Air Force since 1977 and brings 37 years of military experience in planning, coordinating, developing SOP’s & doctrines and conducting workshops to Check-6.

He joined the RMAF Special Force in 1980 and was instrumental in developing and conducting the first Basic Commando course. In 1997 the RMAF conducted the first Laser Guided Bomb drop in which he was task with designating the target using the Ground Laser Target Designator (GLTD). He introduced, developed, and conducted the first Maritime Para Rescue drop and developed the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Aundrey has served under the UN flag in Bosnia-Herzegovina from Dec 97 until Jun 98 where his primary role was as a Ground Forward Air Controller (GFAC).

He has held many positions including Officer in Charge (OC) of Maritime Para Rescue Squadron, OC Assault Squadron, OC Support Squadron and taken part in a multitude of military exercise both local and abroad. While serving in the Joint Force HQ, Aundrey developed the Malaysian Armed Forces Joint Doctrine entitle “Special Operations Forces” and there after coordinated and conducted the first Special Forces workshop.

Aundrey is a keen free faller (HALO/HAHO), SCUBA diver and has a passion for hunting. He lives in Malaysia with his wife and has three lovely children.