Bill “Coach” Rudy

Performance Consultant

Coach was born and raised in Ohio.  After graduating from Kent State University with a BS in Aerospace Technology in 1985, he left Ohio and joined the Navy where he flew various tactical jets for 16 years.  In 2001 he returned to Ohio as an active member of the Ohio Air National Guard where he flew the F-16 for the remainder of his 24+ years of active duty military service.

During his 24 years flying in the military, the majority of his assignments involved being a coach/trainer.  Immediately following his initial jet training, he was selected to remain as an advanced jet instructor pilot and he had an instructor role in virtually every combat and non-combat unit after that.  His teaching/mentoring responsibilities included a three year tour as a Topgun instructor flying the F-14, F/A-18, and the F-16.  His Topgun role was to teach graduate level Planning, Briefing, Execution, and Debriefing, as well as leadership mentoring.  Those experiences have played an important role in his ability to influence positive change in individuals as well as organizations.

Since leaving the military in late 2009, Coach has worked as a performance and leadership coach on land based rigs in Alaska, and offshore rigs and tenders in various parts of SE Asia and Africa.  His oilfield coaching experience also includes direct work with multiple service companies giving him an excellent insight into the issues that arise when coordinating the rig with the support crew.  His efforts have resulted in increased operational efficiency, safety, and camaraderie on numerous rigs and service companies.  He has been requested by name to return for additional coaching and leadership training throughout his time with Check-6 and has had great success on rigs with significant efficiency and safety challenges.

Coach resides in Dayton, OH with his wife and the two youngest of his three sons.  His oldest son now lives in North Carolina, after completing five years as a Navy Corpsman serving with the Marine Corps.