Chris “Radar” Horrocks

Global Marketing Director and European BD Director

Chris Horrocks, call sign “Radar” is Global Marketing Director and European Business Development Director at Check-6.

Chris served as a Police Officer in the UK for nearly 20 years. Since leaving the Police service over ten years ago, Chris has become a global specialist in Marketing Communications, with chartered status in Marketing and Public Relations.

Chris has ten-years’ experience as a law enforcement (policing, crime and terrorism) consultant on national TV and Radio in the UK, appearing regularly on BBC and Sky News and is often heard on BBC national radio stations, commentating on national and international incidents.

As a Marketing Director, Chris has directed marketing campaigns in Transport, Fast Moving Consumer Group (FMCG) Food, Leisure, Broadcasting and Retail sectors. He is a specialist in Emergency Response Room and Crisis Communications media liaison in the Oil and Gas and manufacturing industries, representing major companies in Europe and across the world.