Claudio Lima



Commissioned Officer, Naval Academy graduate, weapons systems engineer, military diver and military parachutist, with over 20 years of active duty, was deployed during most of the career in special operations and maritime / riverine counter-terrorism area.

First Brazilian military to graduate as U.S. Navy SEAL, American armed forces special operations and unconventional warfare elite. Specialist in explosive ordnance disposal, took part in real de-mining operations in Nicaragua, Central America.

Commanding Officer of Brazilian Naval Special Warfare Group (GRUMEC) and Brazilian Maritime Counter Terrorism Group (GERR-MEC), where took active part in the development of doctrine and techniques employed by the Group’s combat divers in counter-terrorism and hostage rescue actions aboard ships, oil rigs and platforms, and other shore facilities of the interest of the Brazilian Government.

Following retirement provides consulting, implementation, auditing and training in maritime security under the scope of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.