Federico “Fred” Niemann



VADM Niemann was born in Valparaíso, Chile, on October 6, 1957. He was commissioned a Sub-Lieutenant graduating from the Chilean Naval Academy in December 1976. While attending the Naval Academy he was invited to join as a foreign Midshipman the US Naval Academy, from where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Systems Engineering in 1980.

As a Lieutenant he attended the Operations School of the Navy, qualifying as a Weapon Electronics Engineer and obtaining a Licentiate Degree in Electronic Engineering. Later on he took part in various Engineering courses at HMS COLLINGWOOD in Portsmouth England, and in 1989 achieved the Principal Warfare Officer Qualification (I.P.W.O.) from the Royal Navy’s School of Maritime Operations HMS DRYAD. He obtained his specialty as Staff Officer at the Naval War College in Valparaíso in 1996 and in 1997, joined the Naval Command College in Newport, Rhode Island. During the following year he joined the faculty of the US Naval War College as a Research Fellow in the Strategic Research Department, obtaining at the time an MBA from Salve Regina University of Newport, Rhode Island. His scholar experience is focused on naval operations and his time as Head of the War-Gaming Department. At flag level, he attended UNC at Chapel Hill, North Carolina where he completed the Navy Executive BUSINESS Course, together with other US flag level officers and senior executives.

At sea, VADM Niemann has completed more than 12 years of embarked duty on board different ships of the Chilean Navy, holding positions of Division Officer, Department Head and Operations Officer for the Missile Strike Craft Squadron North. He commanded Missile Strike Craft “COVADONGA” , the Guided Missile Frigate “CONDELL”, participating in RIMPAC 2000 during that year, and of the Leader Destroyer “BLANCO ENCALADA”. He concluded his sea time assuming Command of the Chilean Fleet.

Ashore, he formed part of the Navy Tactical Training Center for 4 years acting as instructor afloat and in simulators. As Captain he held the position of Head of the Planning and Doctrine Department of the General Staff, assuming responsibility for the generation of navy budget, corporate strategic planning and navy doctrine and at joint level, he assumed duties as Director of Joint Operations, Planning and Doctrine of the National Defense Staff.

VADM Niemann was promoted to flag rank on January 01, 2007, assuming duties as Deputy Chief of the General Staff and later on, Command of the Chilean Fleet. While at that position, he took command of TF Pacific for exercise Panamax 2008, off the coast of Panama.

On January 2009 he assumed duties as Chief of Staff of the Chilean Navy and was promoted to Vice admiral in January 2010. During this time he acted as the principal military advisor to the Commander in Chief Chilean Navy and the main challenge encountered was the reconstruction effort planned and conducted on the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami of February 2010.

On January 2011, he assumed new duties as Head of the Logistics Directorate, position held until retirement in December of that year. During this time the main effort was focused on force development, contract negotiation and logistical support of navy assets.

Following retirement, he joined the Chilean Naval War College, assuming as Head of the Postgraduate Department.

Vice Admiral Niemann is fluent in Spanish, English and German, practices as hobbies water and snow skiing and likes traveling. He is married and has four children.