Francisco “Bat” Vasconcelos


I joined the Portuguese Air Force Academy, in 1985,  aged 19, where I  spent five years in training, studying and  flying Chipmunks, T-37 and RF-10. After I flew on the VIP Squadron flying Dassault Falcon 20 and 50.

After leaving the Air Force I have spent several years flying business jets, as Falcon 20, Falcon 50 and Falcon 900. Also experience for 4 years the airline business,  but because business aviation is a fascinating mix of work, flying in such different types of airport, environment,  and contacting with VIP  passengers, I decided to come back to this  flying.

Lately flying  Gulfstream V and  550 and at the moment flying Global Express XRS for a private owner.

I have a FAA and JAA Airline Transport Pilot Rating, with an extensive international worldwide operation.

Having studied and worked in an international environment during my academic and professional career, I have had much experience in business aviation. I consider myself a team player and a hard worker who likes to engage in fast paced projects and activities.

Since 2001, I am the the Client and Product Delivery  Manager for a green energy company, based in Portugal.

I like to travel and have an excellent ability to communicate with colleagues and clients.