Jim “Tango” Gray


Jim has 23 years’ experience across the Leadership Continuum: learning to lead, leading, leading leaders, and changing cultures.  With Check 6 he has consulted on four continents; on jack-ups, semis, and drill ships.  He has conducted assessments, written Check 6 policy, coached at all levels, and provided bespoke one-on-one leadership development training.

Jim grew up in Swanage on the southern English coast.  He joined the Royal Marines in April 1992 and was awarded his Green Beret the following year.  On completion of training he studied Defence Management as an undergraduate at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich.  He served as a Troop Commander with Comacchio Group in Scotland and then undertook a recruit training assignment.  As the Intelligence Officer with 40 Commando Battle Group he served in numerous locations including Africa and the Middle East, and an eight month tour in South East Asia.  In 1998 he endured a particularly challenging tour as a UN Military Observer with UNOMSIL in Sierra Leone.  Following junior staff training in July 2001, he was the protocol officer at the Commando Training Centre, and was posted to Washington DC as the Assistant Marine Attaché and Liaison Officer to Headquarters Marine Corps in the Pentagon.

In 2003 he undertook a postgraduate Masters degree in Defence Studies.  He attended Advanced Staff Training prior to commanding Whiskey Company 45 Commando and deploying on an Arctic Warfare exercise in northern Norway.  In September 2006 his Company deployed to Sangin in Helmand Province Afghanistan.  He commanded his sub-unit during Operation SILVER alongside the U.S. 82nd Airborne, the ISAF mission to re-take the town from the Taliban.  Having spent two years in the Policy and Commitments area in the Ministry of Defence in London he was assigned to the U.S. Department of State.  He served with the Bureau of Political Military Affairs as the UK Military Liaison Officer, and as the Special Operations Command and Central Command planner.

He is a Sub-Aqua Dive Supervisor, a Jungle Warfare Instructor and holds a Cold Weather and Arctic Warfare qualification.  He is also an Establishment Counter Terrorist Officer and has served as a Unit Security Officer.  He is an active participant with the Battle Back programme and has trained wounded British soldiers to ski as part of their clinical rehabilitation.

On leaving the military he worked for an NGO in Somalia negotiating the release of seafarers held by pirates, and developing the Somali Maritime Resource and Security Strategy.  He joined Check-6 at the end of 2013.

Jim lives in Colorado where the lack of cricket is just about compensated for by the abundant skiing and fly fishing.