João “Jony” Alagoa


João “Jony” Alagoa joined the Portuguese Air Force at 18 years of age embracing by this way a career exciting and full of challenges. From an early age he felt that his calling was in military leadership on percussion of superior objectives. Such vocation was even more urgent when, at the age of 19 years had the privilege of being the first Commander and mentor to many recruits. The personal teachings taken from that experience accompanied him throughout his career having served as foundation for a structured growth or as a person, and military and an officer. After this Commission as military instructor, hugged other missions in areas mainly in the direction of supply logistics where he headed and developed the Foreigner Military Sales Section in close collaboration with the US Embassy, and received many accolades for its management action in this area so delicate. At the age of 25 he ran and joined the permanent staff officer´s course.

After a two-year course was placed once again instructing new supply Officers and Sergeants. After this period was placed in Lisbon and held several positions always in the logistics area, but that allowed him to roam the entire spectrum of decision-making process and develop a global vision about the whole operation, allowing him to, as senior officer and after having acquired a degree in Business Administration, were invited to take command of the Supply Squadron at Air Base of Beja, activity which has developed very successfully and have contributed with his critical vision to a significant and effective well improvement support of the supply chain cycle for weapon systems who operate at that unit, which has resulted in elimination of stock ruptures and a faster support to operation.

As a Lieutenant Colonel and in view of the excellent work he was invited to take command of the Support Wing at Air Force Base of Beja. At that AFB he had the opportunity to continue a relentless work of structural improvement of the entire structure of that Wing, which has resulted in doing more with less. With audacious management objectives, coordinating areas so different as Finance, Maintenance, Supply, Transportation, Security, Personnel and Health, led to a successful conclusion bringing together his subordinates for the common goal of making efficiently what needs to be done, always asking if there will be no better way to do it. Military with great professional brio is quite proud that boasts several medals, including the Military Merit, Exemplary Behaviour in silver and gold, being his most important by the sentimental nature the one of the UN concerning the Mission of PKF in East Timor.

Now, after 31 years of successful military career in the logistics, intend to pursue a new challenge where he can use all his skills and experience in meeting new targets aiming to achieve success and personal fulfilment.