Michael “Tung” Peterson

Director, Technical Products

Michael “Tung” Peterson joined Check-6 in the summer of 2011 after spending over 25 years in  the United States Navy. During his military career, he completed several operational tours in the     F-14 Tomcat, including significant experience in multiple combat operations.

Tung was qualified as one of the Navy’s first F-14 Forward Air Controller (Airborne) aircrew and contributed to the initial employment of night vision goggles and infrared targeting system aboard the Tomcat. In 1996, he was selected as the Naval Flight Officer of the Year for his work on targeting systems integration in the Tomcat.

Following Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor training at TOPGUN, Tung reported to the Strike Weapons and Tactics School, Atlantic where he was selected as the Fighter Wing Atlantic Instructor of the Year for 1998 and was the first individual recipient of the Vice Admiral “Sweet Pea” Allen Precision Strike Award for his performance in expanding the tactics and missions of Naval Aviation Strike Warfare.

During his career, Tung led numerous air wing strikes and performed several missions as a forward air controller supporting conventional and elite Special Forces units. For his actions in combat, he was awarded the Michael G. Hoff Award for 2003–presented to the naval aviator who demonstrates exceptional dedication, professionalism and tactical expertise in the strike community. In late 2003, he spearheaded his squadron’s transition from the F-14 to the F/A-18F Super Hornet.

In 2004, Tung was assigned to NORAD and United States Northern Command where he earned a M.A. in Homeland Security Studies and worked primarily as a Legislative Liaison Officer. In July 2007, he assumed the duties of Executive Officer, U.S. Navy Support Facility, Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory where he was responsible for more than 2,400 military, civilian, and contract personnel who support afloat units, forward operating forces, and joint tenant shore activities.

Prior to joining Check-6, Tung was an exchange officer and Assistant Professor of Military & Strategic Studies at the U.S. Air Force Academy where he also acted as the Director of the department’s Modeling and Simulation Cell.

Tung and his wife currently reside in Colorado with their three daughters.