Robert “Bubbles” Ord

Global Client Manager

As the grandson of a decorated WWII (Pacific) Navy-man, Rob “Bubbles” Ord spent his boyhood listening to stories of adventure – which made his decision to join the Navy an easy one. When meeting his recruiter for the first time, he stated only one goal: to serve his country alongside some of the Navy’s elite.

Initially Rob attended Hospital Corpsman (Medic) training in Great Lakes, IL, and then went on to Panama City, FL to complete the Navy’s Deep Sea Diver courses of instruction for Surface Supplied Air Diving and then Surface Supplied Mixed-Gas (helium and oxygen) Diving for deep water. In March of 1992, “Bubbles” qualified as a Deep Sea Diving Medical Technician and was ordered to report to SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team One (SDVT-1), by way of Special Operation Medical Technician (SOT) training, as his first duty station.

At SDVT-1, Rob completed 2 back-to-back fast-paced 24-month SEAL platoon deployment cycles. Operating primarily in the Pacific Theater from numerous platforms, including Submarines, Amphibious Ships, and remote Naval Special Warfare Units, Rob was responsible for platoon readiness and effectiveness through combat casualty care training, medical oversight in high risk operational environments, and training of other US and foreign military units.

After leaving SDVT-1, Rob checked in at Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Mobile Unit Seven in San Diego, CA and was sent to Eglin AFB to attend EOD Core and Demo training at the Naval School of Explosive Ordinance Disposal. At EOD Mobile Unit Seven, Rob integrated into small unit detachments (DETs) to provide tactical medical training, diving assistance, and support to the EOD mission: “Clear the Way, Make it Safe”.

Rob finished out his Navy career by returning to the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community and assimilating into a cadre of specialists tasked with providing training and support to West Coast SEAL Team Platoons while in their workup phases prior to deployment. Rob’s focus continued to be instruction and training in the areas of combat and diving medicine, and his constant admonition: “When things go sideways, you don’t rise to the level of your expectations; you fall to the level of your training”.

After leaving the Navy and before joining the Check-6 Team, Rob continued to serve Naval Special Warfare and Special Operations communities as a NSW/NSO Mentor assigned to a large Naval Recruiting District in the Pacific Northwest. Here Rob put to use his first-hand training and operational experiences to optimize the success of potential SEAL, SWCC, EOD, Diver, and Air Rescue candidates through coaching and mentoring with one goal: to serve their country alongside some of the Navy’s elite.