Sergej “Nadi” Bashir


Before becoming a proud member of the Check-6 coaching staff, Sergej has been working in a range of businesses, all about media, communication and marketing. Borne in London and later raised in Germany, Sergej had to learn to bridge diverse cultures very early on, which later turned out to be a true advantage. After Graduation, Sergej joined the Bundeswehr, where he became a General Staff member of the TerrKdo S-H/Ber AFNORTH in Kiel/Germany. First in the Section Infra and later for G4/4 MatPruefKdo 600, this is similar to the Bundeswehr TUV. At the height of the Cold War, 1984 – 1988, he had a lot of opportunities to see the Army at work and was also closely working with US Armed Forces (MiB Forces) during Bold Guard and other exercises.
After his time at the Bundeswehr, he went on to study back home in West-Berlin, where at the same time he began his career in the movie industry. Working for ForFilm, the first German service company specialized in Anglo-American Post-Production (Acmade, Moviola, J&R), he joined the staff of the many Major US productions flocking into Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Later he also became a controller for international productions and a TV producer. Major films include Shining Through, The Innocent, Life on a String, Dead Man, Philadelphia, Enemy at the Gates and many more. Being in the movie industry taught him the importance of detailed planning, ambitious execution and intensive debriefs. During his time in the movie industry, Sergej has been on shootings all over the world and was also working for the Major Studios in Hollywood (Paramount, Warner, 20th Century-Fox).

In 2001 he moved to Bangkok Thailand to support his brothers’ business endeavor, AccessCapital, a US-based private equity investment bank, specialized in Seed Capital for SMEs in the South-East-Asian Region. Working closely with members of the Thai Government, he then was invited to become a consultant for the Thai Improvement program, which then lead to the opportunity to join Suriyalana Co. Ltd, a US-Thai JV, as the Director of Business Development. Suriyalana helped OTOP companies, a government sponsored development program for businesses in Thailand, to export their products directly into key markets in Europe and the Americas. This included coaching as well as hands on trainings for Thai companies of any size. He also became a lecturer for Mahidol and Rajamangala Universities, where he taught Strategic Business Development based on Prof. Michael Porter and Prof. Michael Fairbanks and E-Business in cooperation with Imparta and OnTheFrontier.

In 2008 he joined Euracom, where he became the Representative for the Asia Pacific Region. Euracom is a special purpose vehicle manufacturer from Germany, which includes military products as well. Thus he came back to the military and soon began working closely with the Thai and other militaries in the region. From 2010 until 2012 he was also in charge of the development of a battery driven Electric City Bus for Germany, which was build in China in cooperation with German bus manufactures and sent to Hamburg.

Sergej has a Diploma and Dr. in Economics from TU Berlin. He also studied Psychology/Organizational Behavior. He holds dual citizenship German-British and can speak, read and write Thai and by now has become an “assimilated” Thai.