Talat “Sapper” Taghiyev


Talat “Sapper” Taghiyev was born in Ganja Azerbaijan and lives in Baku with his wife and son.  Sapper graduated from the Turkish Land Forces Army Academy in the rank of Lieutenant and joined the Engineer Officer Basic Course at the Engineer School and Training Center in Izmir/Turkey.

Sapper’s military career began in 2001 and included different positions in the Azerbaijan Army Corps of Engineers as a Platoon Leader, Company Commander, S-3 Assistant, Demolition, Mining Demining instructor and Obstacle detachment Commander. He took part in various international courses including the Vertical and Horizontal Construction Techniques training at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC), Hohenfels/Germany, the Junior Staff Course and Mid Career Engineers course at the Military College of Engineering, Risalpur/Pakistan, the Specialized English Language course at the Defense Language Institute in Lackland Air force Base, San Antonio Texas USA. He also attended the Captains Career course and Environmental Officers course in US Army Engineer School at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri USA.

In August 2011 after 10 years of active duty Talat “Sapper” Taghiyev was transferred to the reserves at the rank of Captain. He began his civilian career as a Demolition Engineer/Site Controller in the local Demolition Mining Company Azinterpartlayish-X MMC. The same year he joined AZFEN J.V as a Civil Works Superintendent working in Shah Deniz-2 Early Infrastructure Works Project in Baku. In 2012 Talat was shifted to the Security Department where he continued his career as a Project Security Coordinator and Emergency Response Team Leader. After completion of the Shah Deniz 2 Early Infrastructure Works Project Sapper continued working with TEKFEN AZFEN alliance on the Shah Deniz 2 Onshore Terminal Facilities Construction as an Emergency Response Team Leader. He has qualified in courses related to the Emergency Response in Confined Space Rescue, Rescue from Height, Advanced First Aid, Advanced Fire Fighter and Introduction to the Incident Command System. He also completed the Performing Authorities course related to construction.

Sapper has a Bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering from Land Forces Army Academy where he was also member of the Track and Field team as a 200-400 meter sprinter. He joined Check-6 in 2015.