Tom “Gus” Negus


Tom “Gus” Negus brings decades of proven performance in dynamic operational leadership, complex maintenance management, organizational optimization, and an immaculate safety record acquired over a 28 year Navy career.  He has had four operational commands: including two warships, a squadron of six assault ships, including two Helo/Harrier jet carriers, and an international military Task Force in Kabul, Afghanistan countering the improvised explosive device threat.  He led the US Navy’s relief efforts in Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating 2010 earthquake, and commanded the US Navy’s first surge anti-piracy deployment to the Indian Ocean in 2005.

A native of Fairfax County, Virginia, he earned a Geology degree from Virginia Tech in 1984.  He joined the Navy shortly thereafter, and spent his early career in the maintenance intensive and operationally exacting marine engineering discipline.  He directed operations of diesel and gas turbine propulsion plants and all ancillary equipment as Main Propulsion Assistant and Chief Engineer where he implemented programs producing high reliability outcomes in high risk endeavors.  He was one of only a handful of Officers selected for early command at sea, and assumed command of his first ship, a 225 ft minesweeper in 1998. He led that ship through a successful dry-dock overhaul, emerging early and fully ready, and to immediate and superior operational performance.  In his next command, a  600 ft amphibious assault ship, he established revolutionary new anti-piracy tactics that have since been codified into Navy doctrine, and led international task groups at sea in stifling piracy activity in the Indian Ocean.  Both of his ship commands earned recognition as the best ship in their class throughout the Navy.  He was selected to create and command an international Task Force in Kabul, Afghanistan for the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) to counter the improvised explosive device threat, and in his command tour of an entire squadron of ships, he was selected to lead the Navy’s efforts in the immediate aftermath of the Haiti earthquake in 2010, where he is credited with saving tens of thousands of lives. He most recently served as the Chief of Staff for the US Navy’s Atlantic based Amphibious forces where he directed operations of 23 separate ship, assault detachment, and air control commands consisting of over 12,000 personnel. He has advanced degrees in National Security from the US National War College, and in International Studies from King’s College, London.

Gus is a decorated war veteran on both land and sea who knows how to manage risk and create optimum outcomes whether leading a convoy on the ground in Afghanistan or an armada of ships at sea. Throughout his career, he has a long history of creating success in a variety of challenging and unique environments, based on partnership, risk management, effective communication, and increasing team and individual performance.