Walter “Paws” Pawlowski


Major Walter “Paws” Pawlowski, a native of Zarow, Poland, emigrated to the United States in 1979 and enlisted in the US Air Force in July 1986. As a Transportation non-commissioned officer, he supervised the refueling maintenance facility, directed the squadron specialized training program and coached / trained all personnel on leadership and process improvement. During this period, he completed an assignment with the Red Horse Civil Engineering Squadron in Osan, Korea and supported Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia with the 33rd FW.

Upon completion of his BS degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and his MS degree from Central Michigan University, Maj Pawlowski was selected for Officer Training School in May 1996. Following commissioning, he led the A-10, C-130, and T-37 engine studies, provided upgrade options and cost benefit analyses for engine improvement and sustainment programs.

In January, 2000 Maj Pawlowski transferred to the Headquarters United States Air Forces Europe (USAFE) where he was the Joint Contact Team Program manager for 7 Central and Eastern European Countries. Maj Pawlowski also planned and implemented USAFE’s first ever Theater Engagement Plan prioritizing all command resources to achieve the most critical operational and training objectives.

In October, 2003 Maj Pawlowski was assigned to the US Embassy in Warsaw, Poland where he was the primary Air Force acquisition programs advisor to the US Ambassador and Polish Air Force leaders as well as the in-country program lead for the sale of forty-eight F-16s, 217 HMMWVs, and the transfer of five C-130 aircraft to Poland.

In September 2005 Maj Pawlowski transferred to the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) in Northern California where he began as a Program Integrator for Army, Navy and Air Force development and production programs. As trainer and coach, Maj Pawlowski led the Contract Management Office transition to Performance Based Management, presented the concept to defense contractor program managers and negotiated performance objectives to improve cost, schedule, and performance results.

In July 2008 Maj Pawlowski returned to Europe where he negotiated and updated logistics support agreements with 42 nations. Later, as the European Command country desk officer, he led all military cooperative programs with Poland. During this period, Maj Pawlowski provided policy advice and lead for the negotiations of over 20 US – Poland Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) Implementing Arrangements detailing the procedures for implementing the various articles of the SOFA Agreement.

Maj Pawlowski is married to Bridget Moorman, Colonel, USAFR and has two sons, Shawn, 22, and Ryan, 17.