Yerlan “Sparky” Konysbayev



Yerlan “Sparky” Konysbayev was born and grew up in Southern Kazakhstan, Taraz city (formerly Dzhambul city). He attended high school in Dzhambul and in 1997 joined The Turkish Military Academy in Ankara, where he qualified as a Signal Officer and graduated in 2002. Subsequently, he took the pre-ranger course and earned a Systems Management Engineering degree.

During his military career in The Kazakh Army, he was assigned to “KazBat” – The Kazakh Peacekeeping Battalion – as Chief of Communication. Battalion was responsible for carrying out the army’s obligations in Peace Support Operations abroad. He also took part in various international military courses as listed below:

  • “Basic signal officers’ course «MEBS»,” Ankara, Turkey, August 2002 – May 2003;
  • “Defense Foreign Language Institute of MoD” in Almaty, Kazakhstan, November 2004 – March 2005;
  • “NATO Information and Communication Systems Seminar,” Madrid, Spain, October 2005;
  • “PfP Communication course,” Ireland, November 2005;
  • “U.S. Army Defense Language Institute,” San Antonio, Texas, December 2005 – July 2006;
  • “U.S. Basic signal officers’ course,” Augusta, Georgia, September 2006 – November 2006;
  • “Chief of communication course for Peacekeeping brigades,” Helsinki, Finland, February 2007.

In August 2007 after 10 years of active duty in The Army, Yerlan “Sparky” Konysbayev was transferred to the reserves at the rank of First Lieutenant one month before assignment to the rank of Captain, and he then started his civilian career. From August 2007 until September 2008, he worked as a Chief Manager and Chief of Personnel in the “Turkuaz Invest” construction company in Almaty. After the construction company closed, he was transferred to work in “Izo Block” (a daughter company of “Turkuaz Invest”). He worked there from October 2008 until December 2008 as a Chief Manager and Chief of Personnel. From March to May of 2009 he worked at “Eurasian Bank” as a security specialist. From June 2009 to August 2010, he worked in car repair and at “Sonax Kazakhstan” as a Service Director, Administrator, Chief Manager, and Chief of personnel. From August 2011 to September 2013, he worked in construction and heavy equipment sales for “Tamoz Machinery” as General Director, Logistics Officer, Administrative Manager, Sales Representative, and Human Resources Officer. In January 2014 he joined Check-6.