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Check-6, the world’s premiere performance improvement company, partners with companies across all industries who seek to achieve improved performance and operational efficiency.
We embed elite military leadership experience into high-reliability organizations striving to manage change and minimize risk while enhancing team performance and procedural discipline.


Driving behavior through organizational change to improve performance and efficiency by introducing simple techniques and industry-proven solutions that train organizations to manage change, minimize risk, and enhance performance of their teams, processes and systems.


Developing procedural discipline and improvement in operational efficiency and safety achieving verifiable compliance by coaching a system of active communication and sustained continuous improvement.


Our coaches work onsite with your teams to develop an organizational culture of teamwork, fostering high-performance habits and improvements in decision making, with clear communication lines and an awareness of human factors to mitigate and avoid human error.


Performance Improvement Consulting

Performance Excellence® is our proven methodology, tailored to client objectives, in order to reduce human error and sustain a culture of continuous improvement.  Using a “Plan Based Execution” model, our coaches work hand in hand with your teams, providing training and mentoring to sustain improvements in operational efficiency and safety.

Integrated Suite of Services

Dropped Object Prevention Services

Solutions to assist with the identification, mitigation and elimination of potential dropped objects to include: DROPS Site Inspections • DROPS Audits • DROPS Awareness and Working at Heights Training Courses • DROPS Program Creation/Implementation • Light Repair Work





RIGOR® Digital Checklist System (DCS)

RIGOR® is our proprietary digital checklist system that allows you to capture and formalize mandatory best-practices that result in verifiable compliance and increased reliability in standard work and procedures across your business. The system provides operational analytical feedback with evidenced measurement against baseline performance and acts as a valuable resource tool in sustaining procedural and cultural improvement.



Rig Move Excellence® (RME) Program

With a focused application of Performance Excellence® methods across 3600 rig moves, our RME program has a 98.5% success rate in reducing “flat time” between Rig Release on one pad to Spud on the next pad. Our Coaches are experts in making the difference between short-term gains and enduring results, with a 300+% ROI for the operator and the implementation of 120+ key performance indicators, improving benchmarking and standardization.

Well Control Virtual Instructor® (WCVI)

WCVI® is a portable system that simulates primary and secondary well control scenarios in accordance with recommended standards of the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) and International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP). WCVI provides the ability to train continuously during normal hitch rotations using simulated well control fundamentals. Due to the increased exposure to these critical scenarios, overall competency can improve and be maintained at an acceptable level between biennial certification criteria.

Check-6 Provides Solutions

Currently, we provide solutions to high reliability organizations in the Energy, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation and Medical Industries.  By instilling and reinforcing vital behaviors that eliminate human error, your people have the ability to get the job right the 1st time, EVERY time.







Using former elite military leaders with decades of experience operating in complex, high consequence environments, our coaches assist companies striving to be a High Reliability Organization (HRO). We focus on the development and implementation of continuous improvement in human performance. Our coaches have 20+ years experience in leadership in commercial and military aviation, nuclear aircraft carrier and flight operations.



Check-6 began 10 years ago, committed to becoming the world’s premiere performance improvement consultancy. We partner with companies across multiple industries worldwide striving to achieve improved performance and operational efficiency. The core service we provide is that of a performance consultancy with multifaceted solutions tailored to your business requirements.  The Check-6 integrated suite of services deliver our proven methodology, Performance Excellence™, tailored to client objectives to reduce human error and sustain a culture of continuous improvement.


MANUFACTURING: Shipping & Loading Dock - Reduced load time by 25% and wait time by 43%


MINING: South American client realized 1377% ROI by exceeding their 3-month production goal after implementing Check-6 Performance Coaching


OIL & GAS FRAC CREW: Realized an 85% increase in productivity after applying RIGOR® Digital Checklist System (DCS)


OIL & GAS: Drilling Rig Move efficiency gained after a 46% reduction in skid time

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